Next to Spain, nestled between the hills, Aïnhoa village was built in the XIII century by Prémontrés monks.

It was used as a stopping place on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle  and  on the trade route between the French Kingdom and  the Navarre Kingdom.

The houses, which were destroyed during the 30-year war and then rebuilt, date from around 1650.

The village is structured like a fortified town and the half-timbered fronts of its Labourd houses face the south-east.

Overlooking the village and offering a wonderful view , Notre-Dame-d'Aubépine Chapel( The Virgin Mary appeared here in an hawthorn bush to a young shepherd) has got a way of the Cross, a grotto and a calvary. A pilgrimage is organized there at Whitsun.

The forest that spreads over more than 400 ha  provides a habitat for a rich wildlife. The high points of the village happen around 15 August  (saint’s day) and mid-october (wood pigeon celebration).

It is part of the AOC «Espelette chili pepper» and of France finest villages association