Gastronomical interview from Patrick Chazallet

Questions to Xavier Isabal

-Who gave you the idea of being a Chef
One of my grandmothers was cooking cod with potatoes and garlic, the other one was cooking tortillas which are still in my mind. I wanted to be pastry chef or cabinet maker. I actually started by learning pastry and then took over my father in Ithurria
-Standardization of taste is a threat to cuisine, how do you concretely react?
I have a kitchen garden, I mostly by local farm products and fish from the fisherman of the coast. My father is by the way president of the local branch of Slow food. The culture of the product is atavistic in our family
-How do you create a new dish?
I firts make a drawing. I start from a seasonal produce that I have picked up at the market. I make then tries which are tasted by the brigade. They comment and I adjust my recipe
-In your opinion, what has to be the attitude of gastronomic guides ?
We need them, we need their opinions, but what we need the most would be constructive advices instead of bad review. Critics have to talk with chefs to make them understand their point of view and blow out doubts
-What has been you highest gastronomic emotion?
My grandmother omelettes !






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